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Conversations API

Export conversation data

Endpoint Methods
https://api.onq.io/api/external/conversations GET


Conversation Request

URL Param Description
size Maximum number of assets to return in the call. Valid values are 1 through 1000. Required. Integer.
page Start position in query. Valid values are 1 (the first found asset) or higher integers. With each successive call for your search, increment this by the [page] value to get the next page of assets.

For example, by default your first call uses a 1 offset and limit of 32 to return the first 32 found assets. Call this API again with an offset of 32 to retrieve the next page. Required. Integer.

csv Export format is comma delimited if csv is set to true.  If false or not set, export format is JSON.  Optional. Boolean.


Conversation Response

Field Description
id Conversation identifier
type Conversation type: course, sequence, resource
sub_type Conversation sub type: PUBLIC, PRIVATE, EXTERNAL
org_id Organization identifier
name Conversation name
content_name Content name
status Conversation status: open, started, ended
register_status Conversation registration status: available, open, closed
start_on Date conversation started
end_on Date conversation ended
close_on Date conversation closed for registration
start_register_on Date conversation started registration
last_updated_on Last update activity on the conversation
created_on Date conversation was created
visible If visible is true, conversation is accessible to everyone without an invite.
active Conversation is active
private_mode If conversation has private mode = true, all reactions and comments are private and only viewable but the user and the facilitator.
external_code External identifier for conversation
max_count Maximum user and facilitator count for conversation.  0 means no max.
max_user_count Maximum user count for conversation.  0 means no max.
max_facilitator_count Maximum facilitator count for conversation.  0 means no max.
registered_user_count Registered user count for conversation
registered_facilitator_count Registered facilitator count for conversation
open_questions_count Open question count
to_facilitator_count Private message count to facilitator


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