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Zoom Integration

Rali provides the capability to connect your audience on your content. With the native Zoom integration:

  • Users will be able to automatically transfer their Zoom Cloud recordings to Rali. 
  • Rali can socialize their recorded training, collaboration, communication, marketing, and sales content and share them with their customers, clients, employees, or co-workers. 
  • Connects your audience. Anywhere. Anytime.
  • Helps to evolve your content faster through detailed Insights.

Prior to Installing the Rali App, you will need to setup a Rali user and be an Admin or Manager on an Account. You will be able to install the App from the Zoom Marketplace at https://marketplace.zoom.us.

Please note: A Paid Zoom Plan is required for the automatic Rali + Zoom integration. If you do not have a Paid Zoom Plan, you can still manually create a Rali conversation using the local Zoom recording.

1. Installing the Rali App

Installing the Rali App from the Marketplace will give the following screen. This gives the Rali App permissions to access your user account and recordings in order to download the video and product Rali conversations. We only store your user id and account id so we can assign those videos to your Rali account.

2. Start Configuring the Rali App

Once permission is granted, you will begin the configuration of the Rali App with Zoom. Start by pressing Continue.

3. Choosing a Rali account

You will be give the option to choose which Rali account you want to associate your Zoom account. The accounts that will appear are only account that you are either an Admin or Manager. Once an account has been selected, press Next to continue.

4. Media Access Settings

As part of the configurations, Rali will ask you how you want your video recording to be accessed. You can choose to have them private and only accessible by you or accessible by all Managers in your account.

5. Auto Conversation Generation

Rali can use your video recordings to auto generate a conversation. The allow for quick sharing of your videos.

6. Conversation Access

If your videos are set to auto generate conversations, you can choose to make those conversation public or invite only.

Public conversations can be accessed by anyone that you share the conversation url with. Public conversations will be published and ready to use once the Zoom recording has been uploaded.

Invite Only conversations can be accessed by the conversation url only if they are added as a participant. Invite Only conversations are placed in draft mode so you can go add your participants.

7. Moderator Review

This screen confirms that you will be added as a Moderator of the conversation. Click Review to review the configurations.

8. Configuration review

Review your Rali App configurations and click Save to finalize. You can change the configurations here before they are saved.

9. Integrations

At any time, you can go back to Integrations and update your settings.

10. Uninstalling the Rali App

  1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Rali App.
  3. Click the Rali App.
  4. Click Delete App.
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