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Slack Integration

Rali provides the capability to connect your audience on your content. With the Slack integration:

  • Users will be able to start creating a Rali conversation from within Slack. 
  • Rali will post the created conversation back to Slack to be shared with other Slack users or within Slack channels.
  • Rali can socialize recorded training, collaboration, communication, marketing, and sales content and share them with their customers, clients, employees, or co-workers. 
  • Connects your audience. Anywhere. Anytime.
  • Helps to evolve your content faster through detailed Insights.

Install Rali App

The Rali Application can be installed from the “Add to Slack” link below or can be installed from the Marketplace.

Add to Slack

Installing the Rali App from the Marketplace will give the following screen. This gives the Rali App permissions to access your perform actions on your workspace in publish and share Rali conversations.

Rali Commands

Rali has the available commands that can be initiated by typing /rali.

Create Command

1. Start Create

Type /rali create in Slack to get the following message. Click on “Create” to start the conversation creation.

2. Confirm Choosing Rali Account

Once the you click on Create, you will begin the creation of the conversation in Rali. Start by pressing Continue.

3. Choose Rali Account

You will be give the option to choose which Rali account to create the conversation. The accounts that will appear are only account that you are either an Admin or Manager. Once an account has been selected, press Next to continue.

4. Enter Conversation Title

You will be asked to create the title of the conversation for viewers to see.

5. Add Media

Once you set the title, you will be asked to select or upload media.

6. Review Conversation

You can finalize your conversation on the review screen.

7. Publish Conversation

Once you publish your conversation, it is ready to be shared.

You conversation will automatically publish to Slack where you can share it with your Slack team.

Connect Command

Type /rali connect < conversation url> in your Slack channel or group to add notification. You can get the conversation url from rali.io on the share screen or you can get it from the url passed back when using the Slack create command. Rali App cannot send notification as a direct message or to a private group or channel where the Rali App is not a member.

Below is an example of a conversation notification from Rali. Rali will send comments, reactions, and discussion replies.

Disconnect Command

Type /rali disconnect < conversation url> in your Slack channel or group to remove notifications. See example below.

List Command

Type /rali list in Slack to get a list of the conversations that are sending notifications to the channel. See example below.

Help Command

Type /rali help to get access to Rali help information.

Link Unfurling

Rali links that are posted in Slack can have their meta data unfurled for the Slack users.

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