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In order get access to the onQ WordPress plugin, please contact sales@engageonq.com.  Once installed, you can follow the directions below to embed an onQ video conversation.

Content Entry

You can author the text on the page or post

To make the text bold and red, choose the “Heading 1” option from the dropdown:

To make text a link, highlight the text and click on the link button:

Paste URL or type mailto: to create an email link

To add the video to the home page, paste the onQ embed code into the Video Shortcode field. See Getting Embed Code:

If you want to force a language, add the locale at the end of the embed code (either “en” or “fr”):

onQ Video Connect Plugin

The onQ video player can be added to page using the following shortcode:

[on_video_connect src=”https://engine.onq.io/player?example-video” preview=”false” locale=”en”]

Where the following options can be set:

  • src: onQ Video URL (required)
  • locale: End user locale – default ‘en’
  • preview: Adding will allow previewing video (for logged out visitors) – default false/empty. Note: this will be removed in the next version of the plugin
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