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Content Creators can create LTI links for their onQ content (Course, Sequence, Video).  These LTI links can be added to an LMS to show onQ content.


Content Creators can click on the LTI tab of their course/sequence/video to:

  • Create an LTI link
  • Edit an LTI link
  • Delete an LTI link
  • See usage for an LTI link

Create LTI Link – A Content Creator can create an LTI link by click on the ‘+’.    The Content Creator will then need to enter an LTI Link Name. When the link is generated, the following is created for each link:

  • LTI Link URL
  • LTI Consumer Key
  • LTI Secret

By default the link will be an “Active” LTI link.

Edit LTI Link – A Content Creator can edit the following on an LTI link:

  • LTI Name.  This name must be a unique link name for the conversation.
  • Status.  Status can be changed to Active or Inactive. An Active link means content using that link will be accessible, whereas making a link Inactive means that the content is inaccessible.

Delete LTI Link – A Content Creator can delete an LTI link and content using this link will no longer be accessible.  In addition, the link will be removed from the LTI Link list.

LTI Link Usage – A Content Creator can see the following usage information for each LTI Link:

  • Conversation Name
  • Source URL
  • No. of users in the conversation
  • Last Accessed Date and Time


LTI conversations are labeled as Type “LTI” on the Facilitate Dashboard.  A facilitator can manage the conversation similar to other onQ conversation types.

Adding LTI Link to Moodle

Using the LTI Link URL, Consumer Key, and Secret created above, an onQ Course, Sequence, or Video can be added to any LMS. Follow the instructions below to add to Moodle.

Add Activity

Edit your Moodle Course and click on the “Add an Activity”. Choose the External Tools.

Configure External tool

Enter the Activity name and the LTI Link from onQ. Press “show more” to complete the configuration.

Enter the LTI Consumer Key and Secret and click “Save and display”.

View LTI Content

After click on save, you should be able to view the dashboard for your onQ Content. Your students will see the player view.

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