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The influence score is the measure of the engagement influence the user has on others.

What defines Influence Score?

Factors Definition Examples
Advocacy User engagement in conversation discussions.
  • Number of comments a user makes.
  • Quality/length of comment.
Authority How well the user understands the content and the other users in the conversation.
  • How many comments user viewed.
  • Other user affirmation of specified user comment(s).
Impact User reach and effect on other users.
  • % of users that view my comment(s).
  • Number of people replying or reacting to comment(s)

What does the Influence Score mean?

The overall influence score is on a scale of 1-100.

Range Scenarios
< 20 pts User 1 is the first person in the conversation, watches the video and makes a medium length comment. Low Advocacy. Medium Authority. Zero/No Impact.
~25-30 pts 25 additional users join the conversation but specified user does not engage further. Low Advocacy (unchanged). +/- Authority based on participation. Improved Impact.
~30-40 pts Same additional 25 users but with magnified engagement, replies and reaction. Improved Advocacy. Improved Authority and Impact based on higher overall user count.
~40-70 pts An additional 25 users added to conversation (now at 50 count) Advocacy unchanged.  +/- Authority based on participation. Improved Impact.
>70 pts 100 users are in the conversation. User comment/reply > 10 times, comments get an average 5 replies after, others users thumbs up). Advocacy high. Authority high. Impact high.

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