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Embedding Overview

You can embed Rali Conversations in your website. Embedded conversation windows must be at least 400×300 pixels.

Inline Frames

    src="https://rali.io/player?id=<video id>"
    allow="fullscreen; microphone; camera; accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture">

Iframe Attributes

These attributes are defined in https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/iframe. The Rali conversations exists in the iframe with no ability to set the attributes on the iframe.

Name Type Description
allow string “accelerometer; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; autoplay; fullscreen; microphone; camera” to allow iframe to access microphone and camera through the browser
allowfullscreen boolean If true, the player can go full screen.
height integer Height of the embedded window, in pixels. Recommended minimum: 300
src string The iframe src URL string should be https://rali.io/ with required query string parameters in Generating Embed Links.
width integer Width of the embedded window, in pixels. Recommended minimum: 400


The Rali player can be integrated with your authentication by passing in the user information as an http parameter. Here are the following ways to integrate. You will need to first set the Embed Access to 3rd Party Integration.

User Integration

The player uses the following url:

https://rali.io/player?id=<video id>

This http parameters can be added to the embedded player:

URL ParamsDescription
userAuthenticated user object, this is required if allow-anonymous is not set to true.  See User Object for formatting.

Secured User Integration

The secured video allows for signing the data passed to the video player.  The player is located at the following url:

https://rali.io/player?id=<video id>

This http parameters can be added to the embedded player:

URL ParamsDescription
dataEncrypted JWT data

Example for an iframe using the player:


In order to generate the JWT data, the following Rali values must be used:

API Secret – ex. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The API key and secret can be found in the Admin section of the Rali tenant. 

JWT Format

issIssuer, this is the site that is issuing the tokenYeshttps://yoursite.com
subSubject, Logged in userYesuser@yoursite.com
expExpiration, Time token will expire (minimum 10 mins)Yes1356999524
iatIssued at time, Time token was createdYes1356999524
audAudience, Rali tenant urlYeshttps://rali.io
keyRali tenant Client API KeyYesONQ-XXXXXXXXXXX
userBase64 encoded user objectYesSee User Object for formatting
referrerUrl where the link is renderedYeshttps://yoursite.com/page1

Sample Code


$secret = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; // API Secret
$token = array(
"iss" => "https://yoursite.com",
"aud" => https://rali.io,
"sub" => "engageoq.can@yoursite.com",
"iat" => 1356999524,
"exp" => 1356999524,
"user" => $user,
"referrer" => window.location,

$data = JWT::encode($token, $secret);
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