Release 3.13 – November 13, 2020

Release 3.13 – November 13, 2020

1. Password Enabled Conversations

Password Enabled Conversations.  A password can be added to a conversation so that there is added layer of privacy to an otherwise “Open” conversation. 

When a user launches the conversation in the browser, the user will be asked to enter the password before they can access the conversation.

2. Public Polls

Public Polls (Multiple Choice and Short Answer).  Polls can now be configured as private (current behavior where only moderators see the users’ submissions) or public (users in the conversation can view all poll submissions).

In a Public Poll, once a user enters their poll submission, they will see the Poll Results and they will see that description in the Video Player.

3. Reports

(a) New Conversation  Report – User Completion Rate.  This report will show the completion percentage of each user in the conversation.

(b) User Types report drill down.  A Manager can now click into the User Types and see the users in each category.

(c) Download User Types Report.

4. Series Updates

(a) For Series,  in the Player, an “Up Next” pop up will show the thumbnail of the next video.  The user can click on the pop-up to play the next video.

(b) Series Landing – Show ended Conversation UI.  If a conversation in a Series has ended, there will now be “Ended UI” that lets a  user know they are unable  to play the video because it has ended.  The user can still click into the conversation to see any custom “No Access” message.

(c) Allow Series Start Date to be a past date.  Series Start Date can now be set to be a past date. Existing  conversations can be added to a series and the conversation’s Start Date won’t be affected if it falls within the Series Start and End Dates.

(d) Ability to add Conversations with a postdated Start Date to a  Series and the Conversations display once it becomes Active.

(e) If a conversation is part of a Series, upon pausing the video, the header will show “Back to Series” next to the Back arrow so that a user knows to click on the Back arrow to get to the Series Landing page.

5. UI Updates

Manager App

  • On Task and Activity List, Manager can drill down to a Task Detail or  Activity Detail,  and when they return to the main list, they will resume where they left off.
  • Same as #5 but for Discussion Replies.  This will be in both Manager and Player.
  • Moderator Email address will be added as part of the information displayed on Moderator User screens.
  • Media Detail: Manager can now click on each conversation in the Media Detail screen and be taken to that conversation’s Review Conversation screen.
  • Breadcrumb navigation in the Platform Apps (Manager, Admin, Insights)

Player & Manager App

  • Email Settings.  A user will be able to change their Email Settings for both the User Email Digest and Moderator Email Digest (if applicable) from the Notifications box on the User Profile screen.
  • Share to Twitter – Unfurl the Rali conversation metadata.